Welcome to Kinetic Biochar Corporation. We are a company that produces a charcoal-like product called Biochar that is typically made from wood waste. We are looking for clients to turn their waste from a cost to a revenue. Biochar when applied in soil improves fertility and water retention among many other things, all while improving our climate for future generations by removing greenhouse gases from our atmosphere.



“To divert today’s waste from landfill, capturing carbon for a better planet for future generations.”


“To leave our planet in better condition than we found it.”


We believe that our first responsibility is to act with INTEGRITY.  We are responsible for our decisions and actions as they inform and shape our company.  We strive to build relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees through open communication based on trust, respect, honesty, and fairness.

We are responsible to demonstrate LEADERSHIP by promoting optimism, patience, self-awareness, and compassion to encourage the safe exploration of ideas, so that we can innovate, invent, and collaborate to improve our processes, products, and services.  We demonstrate professionalism, determination, perseverance, and courage to remain positive and passionate about what we achieve as a company.

We are responsible to LEARN AND INNOVATE because this is critical to our success.  We are receptive to change because we are flexible, adaptable, and open-minded.   We are never complacent and never accept the status quo.  We encourage employees to act on their ideas and learn from their mistakes.  We capture the knowledge, wisdom, and best practices of our people to succeed in the future.  We provide opportunities for employees to unlock their potential and develop their strengths and talents.

We are responsible to our COMMUNITY.  We cultivate a dynamic and fulfilling environment where people enjoy coming to work and feel a sense of belonging.   We work together to promote participation in our community through shared values, purpose, and vision.


Biochar is a high carbon form of charcoal that is produced by pyrolysis of biomass in the absence of oxygen; it is used as a soil amendment. Biochar is defined by the International Biochar Initiative as “The solid material obtained from the thermochemical conversion of biomass in an oxygen-limited environment”. Biochar is a stable solid that is rich in carbon and can endure in the soil for thousands of years.

Biochar is scientifically proven to improve the health and vitality of trees, crops and grass. Due to it’s longevity you only need to use it once, it’s peat free and good for the environment: 1 tonne of biochar in the ground can be the equivalent of 3 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide permanently sequestered from the atmosphere.